Essential to the success of a well-developed Transition Plan for relocation into a new healthcare facility is the development and execution of an effective equipment plan for new equipment being procured, as well as relocated equipment. Criterion will join the Transition Teams and provide the leadership necessary for the development of a logistical plan for equipment. This includes detailing the tasks, schedules and resources required for the successful completion of procuring, delivering and installing new equipment and identifying, moving and re-installing existing equipment into the project.

Logistical plans and services may include the following:

• Validation of new equipment being planned for new space

• Equipment inventory – identification, assessment and validation of existing equipment being relocated for each department

• Consolidated equipment list and plan for new and relocated equipment

• Coordination with Project Team on construction schedule and requirements

• Coordination with Owner/Transition Team on overall facility move schedule and requirements

• Procurement, delivery and installation schedule for new equipment

• Relocation move plan and installation schedule for existing equipment

• Assessment of staging, storage and/or warehousing needs for project equipment

• Assistance with Move Contractor selection and management

• Expediting of purchase orders with vendors

• Development of delivery instructions and logistics for vendors and freight trucks

• Equipment move, delivery and installation coordination

• Coordination of equipment testing and certification schedules

• Coordination of vendor equipment training schedules

• Compilation of equipment operation manuals, warranties and service information

• Equipment “Punch List” activities and plan for corrective action

• Decommissioning plan for unused equipment