Criterion Systems is a leading provider of Medical Equipment Planning and Procurement Services and has been assisting architectural firms, healthcare facilities, universities and government agencies for 38 years.


Criterion is committed to delivering the most accurate information during the budgeting process. We understand that accuracy is important and decisions must often be made quickly with little or incomplete information. Criterion is committed to comprehensive medical planning that reflects Owner intent, budget goals, current technological trends and industry best practices.


Equipment Review Meetings will be held with the Owner and Client. These meetings are in depth and designed to determine the functional needs for each room in the departments. Planners who attend meetings emphasize leadership, strong and consistent communication, advancing the design, solving problems and the development of relationships across the team.


Determining equipment requirements is an important part of the early planning process. Accordingly, Criterion draws from its extensive database to effectively collect detailed specifications and technical data that is complete, accurate and current.


To ensure complete functionality, our typical room equipment list specifies item attributes and requirements such as size, weight, plumbing, data connection and clearance. This information enables our Senior Equipment Planners to properly orient the items within the space and refine drawings so that there is adequate functional space within each area to administer effective patient care. Criterion designs solutions that work for all parties and the overall design without being disruptive or creating re-work.


Throughout the many changes in equipment that take place during the planning process, Criterion’s team of experts ensures that the utility requirements and clearances for each piece of equipment are accounted for and updated on the drawings. Criterion’s planners have a strong understanding of the timing requirements and the entire design process from feasibility through procurement. They are committed to providing high quality work and consistency in all deliverables.


Obtaining the most current product and pricing information is a high priority for Criterion. We deliver complete product data in print-ready, full color PDF files, Excel or hardcopy catalogues. It is also important for us to save the valuable time of architects and structural engineers by providing OPA numbers and associated installation and change drawings.